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Zoom is a video and web conferencing service available to students, faculty, adjuncts and staff. It may be used to enhance instruction, host online meetings, and fulfill a variety of other uses.

Zoom Changes!

Important Notice:

The privacy and security of our community is our top priority.  To prevent malicious people from "spamming" meetings and classes:

  • Participants will be placed on hold until the Instructor or "Host" enters the room.

  • Students, faculty, and staff signed into the Zoom application outlined in the article "Signing into Zoom with PCCC Credentials" will be admitted to the class or meeting when the instructor or "Host" arrives. Students, faculty and Staff joining a Zoom Meeting from a zoom account not using the sign in method for PCCC will be considered “guests” and must be admitted by the Host into the meeting. Guests are always sent to a waiting room until admitted by the "host".


Installing Zoom & Signing In with PCCC Credentials

  1. Windows

  2. MacOS

  3. Linux

  4. ChromeOS

  5. Android

  6. iOS

Security and Safety tips

It is important that we all work together to ensure Zoom meeting spaces are secure and safe. Please read the PCCC Zoom Meeting Security & Safety Tips article before joining or hosting at meeting as a PCCC user.

Check to make sure your Signed in before joining or hosting a meeting:

  1. Open the Zoom Application

  2. On the home screen click the Icon in the upper right

  3. The email address should be (Username), (Username) or (Username)

    If (Username), (Username) or (Username) is not displayed, Click "Sign out" and follow the directions for Signing into Zoom with PCCC Credentials

Joining a Meeting as a participant

PCCC Recommendation

To enhance security, only users signed into zoom with their PCCC ID will be admitted to meetings without Host involvement.  PCCC Recommends students, faculty and staff make sure they are signed into zoom using "SSO" as outlined in the  Signing into Zoom with PCCC Credentials

Joining Zoom Class from Blackboard

Step-by-step guide

Joining Zoom from a Blackboard class

  1. Launch and log into the Zoom Application on your Phone, Tablet, or Computer and Log In with your PCCC credentials.

  2. Log into your blackboard class

  3. On the left tool bar, select Join Live Webinar if your instructor has the link in the class.

    Join Live Webinar

  4. Select the meeting and click join

Join from an e-mail invitation:

  1. Launch and log into the Zoom Application on your Phone, Tablet, or Computer with your PCCC credentials.

  2. Click the link in your e-mail invitation. It should look something like this:

  3. Your Zoom client should open automatically and connect you to the meeting

Join a meeting as a participant with ID

To join a meeting as a participant:

  1. Open the Zoom program, Log in, and click "Join a Meeting"

    Zoom Home Screen

  2. Enter the meeting ID provided in the email Ex. 123-456-7890

    Join a Meeting

Scheduling a Zoom Class Meeting in Blackboard

Guidance for best practices in creating and scheduling Class meetings for your Blackboard class.

The best way to reduce issues when joining a Zoom meeting for a remote class is to schedule the Zoom meeting inside Blackboard. Faculty and students will be recognized as authorized PCCC participants when they connect to Zoom from inside their Blackboard course. As a bonus IT support will be better able to address technical issues, if they arise.


  1. Login to Blackboard and go to your course.

  2. Click on the “Join Live Webinar” item in the course menu on the left.

  3. Click “Schedule a New Meeting”.

  4. It’s recommended that you add the days and times that the class meets to the meeting title in the Topic. For example College Success 21Fall Tues & Thurs at 10:10am.

  5. Check the “Recurring Meeting” option in the Time Zone section. And change Daily Recurrence to “No Fixed Time”. By choosing “No Fixed Time” only one meeting will appear for the entire semester. And the Zoom meeting room will be available for meetings with students in your class anytime you start the meeting.

  6. Select other options as desired and “Save” the meeting.

  7. Email the sample directions below to your class.

Sample Directions to Email to Students

Our class will meet on Zoom.  The easiest and best way to join our class is through Blackboard.

  1. Login to the PCCC portal.

  2. Open Blackboard.

  3. Select our course from My Courses.

  4. Select Join Live Webinar from the course menu on the left.

  5. Click the Join button for the Zoom meeting.

Joining in this manner will identify you as a PCCC student.  Wait until I let everyone in from the waiting room. 

If you need technical assistance with Zoom please refer to Getting started with Zoom

Zoom Class Meetings

Watch the video tutorial in the Faculty Resource Center to learn step by step “How to add Join Live Webinar (Zoom Meeting) to a Blackboard Course”.

Zoom host Resources

PCCC Technology Support


Phone: (973) 684-6464 Option #2

Support services are available to students, faculty and staff via e-mail and limited phone service. All voice messages left will be responded to.

Please leave the following information in your messages to ensure we can get in touch with you:

  • Call back phone number

  • College e-mail address

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Brief description of your request or issue

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