This article will assist users in changing their blackboard email back to the College assigned email for integration with Zoom and Echo360. 

PCCC recommends, as best practice, to use only your PCCC assigned email address to ensure proper access to blackboard tools.

If you are already using Echo360 please do NOT use this article and email IT support with your request.

Table of Contents

Step-by-step guide

  1. Have, on hand, your College assigned email ex.,, or
  2. Log into your Blackboard account
  3. Open the menu next to your name in the page header > Settings > Personal Information

    Setting TabPersonal information
  4. Click edit Personal Information

    Personal information Screen
  5. Change the email address to your College assigned email address under "Personal Information"

    Personal Information - EmailChanged email

  6. Click "Submit"

    Submit Button

  7. A green bar will appear indicating success in restoring your email address

  8. Log off Blackboard and the PCCC Portal, close your browser, Finally, reopen your browser and log back into Blackboard, Your email address restoration will be complete

You must keep your Blackboard email address set to your official PCCC email address in order to successfully login and access PCCC apps.

Forwarding email from your PCCC assigned email

You can forward your emails from your PCCC assigned email by following these steps.

PCCC Technology Support

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