Installing Zoom Client & Login (ChromeOS)

This article will help you install Zoom and log into the PCCC Zoom System

Zoom and Virtual Desktops

PCCC does NOT recommend using Zoom Videoconferencing inside a Virtual Desktop. Zoom should be run from your laptop, home desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Table of Contents


The zoom application on Chrome OS can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Logging In with your PCCC Credentials

  1. In the Apps menu click Zoom

    Zoom in apps menu
  2. Click "Sign In"

    Sign In
  3. Select "Sign in with SSO"

    Sign in with SSO

  4. Type "pccc" in company domain and click "continue"

    pccc mycompanydomain

  5. Sign in with your PCCC UserID and Password

    pccc sign in

  6. You are now signed into PCCC Zoom

    Zoom home screen