Placement Testing


Will I need to take a placement exam?


Students come to PCCC with different academic skills. To ensure that students are placed in the appropriate courses, new students must take the Basic Skills Placement Test, unless they qualify to be exempted from the test. (See Exemptions on our website).  

Students entering the English Language Studies program must take the ELS Placement Test. Students are invited to take the test after they apply.

  • There is no fee for these tests.
  • The results of the test are available prior to registration. An adviser explains the test scores and assists students in registering for appropriate courses. If you need to request your scores please email
  • If you need to cancel your placement exam, please contact Admissions at 973-684-6305.

To schedule a placement exam please visit 

  • You must have your Student ID Number to schedule your own test.

After Placement

Once you complete your placement test, your next step is to Register.  You can check the registration schedule at

For additional information, visit our website at