Setup Direct Deposit

PCCC now offers direct deposit for student refunds.

Once signed up, it can take up to two weeks for your account to be verified and active. The first refund after your sign-up might still be sent as a paper check.

If the bank does not verify your account information, you will receive an email notification. Once the bank verifies your information, refunds will be directly sent to your bank account.

Unless your account information changes, you do not have to do anything once the process is complete!

Step-by-step guide

To setup direct deposit:

  1. Go to your My PCCC Portal (How to Login to My PCCC Portal).
  2. Click on Self-Service under the Tools section of the main menu on the left-hand side.


  3. Click on the Banking Information tile in the middle of the page.

  4. Click on Add Account on the right-hand side.

  5. Next to Refund, Reimbursement & Payment Deposit, click the toggle next to Activate and then click the Next button.

  6.  Enter your routing number and bank account number. Please make sure to double-check before you click on the I agree box and hit submit

  7. Check your email for any follow-up instructions, if you have questions email