Using My PCCC portal for communication

The My PCCC portal offers new opportunities for students, faculty and staff to communicate with each other and increase engagement.

There are two primary methods to accomplish this:

  1. Groups
  2. Notices

Groups Overview

Groups are the most appropriate way to regularly communicate with groups of students and/or faculty. All non-critical information should be communicated via groups.

The benefits of groups as a communication channel:

  • The My PCCC interface is designed to facilitate any amount of communication via groups
  • Users have control over notification preferences so they can reduce the amount of communication if they are feeling overwhelmed (this is a better outcome for the institution than users tuning out entirely, which often happens with email when they are saturated with messages)
  • Group membership filters are an effective way of segmenting stakeholder groups
  • Group discussion is highly customizable, allowing significant admin control
  • Groups can be used for one way or two way communication

Read more about how to use Groups effectively here: Tips for Group Communication Engagement Support

Requesting a Group

Before requesting the setup of a new Group, please consider the responsibilities of managing a portal Group.

A successful Group requires:

  • Having a clear goal for the Group. Will it be for one-way announcements, fostering engagement through discussions and events, etc.?
  • Posting announcements or discussion content on a consistent basis, perhaps once every week or two. Don't overwhelm your audience.
  • Moderating discussions and comments if the group is used for two-way communication
  • Assigning an administrator of the Group to manage the settings and membership

Creating a new Group may be worthwhile when:

  • You have a specific audience you wish to communicate with on a regular basis (e.g., student club, standing committee, all nursing students, etc.)
  • You regularly host events or activities
  • You need to make resources available to your audience (e.g., links to services, or PDF documents)

If you are a student wanting a Group for a student club or other purpose, please contact the Office of Student Activities.

All other Group requests should be submitted by filling out the request form.

If you only need to make occasional announcements, consider working with the administrator of an existing Group.

Notices Overview

Notices allow PCCC to communicate important messages to targeted audiences (e.g., New Students, Veterans, or Adjunct Faculty) and deliver them via in-app notifications, push notifications, and email. Messages sent using the Notices tool can be in the category of Notices, Alerts or Emergency. These categories determine how the notice appears.





Sending Notices requires elevated privileges. There are several communication managers in each division of the College that may send Notices when necessary.

Read more about effective use of the Notices feature here: Effective Notices

Training videos

Group Admins should watch the following training videos to establish a good understanding of how Groups work and the options they present.

Groups Showcase

Groups Training

Management and Moderation Practices