Creating engaging portal announcements

You want your audience to read your message. You want it to be effective. To do this, you need to create your message with both your audience and the communication channel in mind. For example, the content and messaging in an email should be different from a social media post or SMS text message. Know your audience, and know which communication channel they prefer.

Step-by-step guide

When it comes to posting Group announcements on the My PCCC portal, consider the following:

  • Be sure that your message is relevant to your audience. Sending your announcement to a too-wide audience can result in users ignoring future messages.

  • Be clear and concise - short, sweet and to the point

  • Keep the message positive, engaging and (if possible) exciting

  • Use informal and friendly language and avoid academic jargon

  • Use active voice. "We are hosting a training session" vs. "The department of xyz will be hosting a training session"

  • Highlight key dates or deadlines to create a sense of urgency

  • Embed links to facilitate quick action (e.g., Click here to ...). We do not need to share the URL, especially if it is long

  • If you include images:

    • ensure they are sized for viewing on the web

    • view the post on a mobile device to ensure it renders well with a small screen