Problem: My Blackboard course menu text is either too light or too dark


My course menu in Blackboard is unreadable because the text is either light on a light background, or dark on a dark background.


In August 2021, we changed our Blackboard “theme” because the previous one is no longer supported.  Some legacy course designs may be affected in the way described above.  Luckily, the solution is fairly simple.

  1. Scroll down to the Control Panel, click Customization, and then Teaching Style.

  2. Scroll down to the Select Course Theme section and click on the Default course theme, which is the first choice.

  3. Click Submit at the bottom. Your course will now have the Default course theme, and the course menu will be white on black.

Alternatively, for step 2 outlined above, you can scroll down to the Select Menu Style area and experiment with the Background Color and the Text Color. If you do this, please choose colors with sufficient contrast to be ADA compliant.