Sign Up for Multi-factor Authentication-Using your preferred Authenticator app






Setup Authenticator app authentication





PCCC Recommends using the Microsoft Authenticator app to receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet to verify your identity when prompted for Multifactor Authentication.

Step 1. Check which Authenticator app you are using

Step 2. Add your account to the app

On your desktop, visit

Select Add Method > Authenticator app 


Scan the QR Code in the app and test.


You should add additional methods of authentication such as your cell phone, home phone, office phone, or personal email


Step 3 Set your default sign-in method

To ensure that you are prompted to sign-in using your authentication of choice click the change link next to Default sign-in method

Select your preferred method of authentication




You can check your Multifactor Authentication by Visiting


Congratulations! You are now setup with the Microsoft Authenticator app and can receive push notifications for multifactor authentication verification.


Passaic County Community College IT department






If you need immediate IT help,

email or call (973) 684-6464 Option 2