Registration Guide for Dual Enrollment Students

For High School Students who plan to enroll in Dual Enrollment courses at their high school.


First-time Dual Enrollment Students:

  1. Apply:

    1. Students must fill out the Dual Enrollment Application (complete one time only)

  2. Confirmation Email:

    1. You will receive and email from our of Director of Early College/Dual Enrollment.


  3. MY PCCC Login Credentials

    1. You will receive your first-time credentials within 24 business hours of submitting your application. Please be sure to check your spam folder for the “Activate My PCCC Account” email. Click the “Activation Page” link in the email to start activating your account.

      1. If you haven't received the 'Activate My PCCC Account' email, you can visit the 'Get Your My PCCC Activation Credentials' form. This form allows you to request a resend of the activation email to your personal email account, which you provided during the application process.


  4. Change Your Password:

    1. Enter your the User ID and Initial Password from the “Activate Your My PCCC Account” email.


    2. Create and answer the security question. You will use this in the future to reset your password when needed.


    3. Enter a new password.

      1. Passwords must be a minimum of 12 characters

      2. Passwords must include at least:

        1. One upper case letter

        2. One lower case letter

        3. One number

        4. One special character ( !@$#%& )


    4. Click OK after you have successfully changed your password.


  5. Login to MY PCCC with your new password

    1. Go to the PCCC website ( and click on MY PCCC


    2. Login with your PCCC Login (use the full email address as the PCCC Login) and your new password.