Access your work computer remotely (Windows & Mac)

If your vice president approves you for remote access, follow the instructions below to get connected from off-campus locations.  Vice-presidents should email to request access.

Step-by-step guide

Windows instruction

  1. Download and install the VMware Horizon Client for PC on your personal computer or work laptop (the install file is usually located in the download folder)
    Download Folder

  2. Reboot your computer

    Restart Now

  3. Open the Horizon Client, click the “New Server” button, and enter:
    VMware Horizon shortcut imageAdd ServerEnter The Name of your Connection Server

  4. Set the Domain to: PCCC
    Login Screen

  5. Login with your PCCC user name and password

  6. Right-click on the Desktop Pool icon, and ensure PCoIP is selected
    select PCoIP

  7. Double-click the icon to launch your VDI desktop

  8. If PCoIP does not work please select VMware Blast and try again

Mac Instructions

  1. Download the Horizon Client for Mac

  2. Double click on the VMware Horizon Client.dmg file to begin the install
    Install File
  3. Click “Agree” in the user license agreement window that appears.

    EUL Agreement
  4. When the VMWare Horizon Client window appears, drag the “VMWare Horizon Client icon to the Applications folder.

    Drag to Install
  5. The first time you launch the VMWare Horizon Client, you may see a security popup asking if you want to open the file. Click the “Open” button.

    VMware security notification
  6. When you open up VMware Horizon Client click “New Server” or “+”

    New Server Window
  7. Type in and click “Connect”.

  8. Make sure the Domain is set to “PCCC” and enter your Username and Password.

  9. Select VMware Horizon Client > Preferences from the menu bar and click PCoIP
  10. If PCoIP does not work please select VMware Blast and try again

PCCC Technology Support


Phone: (973) 684-6464 Option #2

Support services are available to students, faculty and staff via e-mail and limited phone service. All voice messages left will be responded to.

Please leave the following information in your messages to ensure we can get in touch with you:

  • Call back phone number

  • College e-mail address

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Brief description of your request or issue