PCCC Libraries - Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Library open?

All PCCC Library facilities are closed until further notice.  However, you can still contact us and use our online resources.  Please refer to the following web page for the latest coronavirus information as it relates to PCCC.

Will I be fined for not being able to return books I have borrowed?

No, fines will be suspended indefinitely, at least until the end of the Spring semester.

What types of online resources do you offer?

You can search for online books via the Library Catalog, search for articles (and more) via our Online Databases, access free OER textbooks, find helpful citation information, and more. Please see our web site for links to these resources and well as any instructions for off-campus access.

I am trying to use one of the Library’s online databases, but I am being asked for a username and password.  What should I do?

For off-campus access to our online databases, log in to your PCCC Account, then go to Blackboard and click on the Library tab, where you can access any required user names and/or passwords.  Be sure to check this tab regularly, as user names and passwords are subject to change. The Library Catalog, OER textbooks, and citation tutorials do not require any special authentication.

I usually go to the Library to borrow textbooks for my classes.  What can I do now?

The Library has compiled a list of links to free OER textbooks. Some of these are the official textbooks for the courses. Others, while not the official course texts, may cover many of the same topics in your courses and can serve reasonable substitutes for the time being. Many of the OER texts are also available in pdf format, so you can download them to your devices and use them without having to access the internet.

I need help with research and/or citation.  How can I contact you?

You can email us at reference@pccc.edu, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. During regular working hours, this should be within a few minutes.  If you have a quick question, or require more immediate assistance, you can chat with us during select hours. See the Library web site for details. Finally, if you would like a more in-depth research consultation, you can schedule a Zoom meeting (audio or video) with a librarian.