Transcript Requests


How do I get a copy of my transcript?


Current and Former PCCC students can now order their transcripts online using the National Clearinghouse Website. Please read the below details before placing your order. Students can place their transcript orders using this link:

National Student Clearinghouse transcript Ordering:

Transcript Pricing

  • Cost: $5 EACH transcript ordered

Delivery Option

  • Electronic Exchange: Transcripts will be sent electronically to another Institution/School.
  • Electronic Email: Transcript will be sent to a recipient's email address. Please verify that the recipient (Company, Organization, Institution) is accepting electronic transcripts.

After Placing Order

  • Editing addresses: Once an order has been placed, you will not be allowed to change the recipient's email address. You must place a new order with the correct address.
  • Canceling: Due to our automated ordering processing, once an order is received it cannot be canceled.

Processing Your Order

  • Processing Time: Orders are typically processed within 1 business day.
  • Holds: If you have a hold on your account your order will not be processed. Please ensure you have no holds before you proceed.

Status of Order

Unofficial Transcript

  • Unofficial Transcripts can be found in your My PCCC Portal. Go to the Student Planning Module within Self-Service and use the tab that says “Unofficial Transcript”

If you have any further questions about your transcripts at Passaic County Community College, please email the Registrar's Transcript Office at

Additional FAQs related to the Clearinghouse ordering found here:

Important: Account Holds
Orders for students with holds on their account will not be processed until the hold is removed.