SupportEcho360 Media cannot be accessed in Blackboard

Echo360 Media cannot be accessed in Blackboard


A membership error is displayed when opening content in Blackboard (that is housed in Echo360).  Blackboard displays a message such as “User must have membership within the course to view this media”.

Sample Error Message


This issue is caused by old embedded content, such as videos, having a fixed reference to the original Echo360 course it was embedded in.


  1. Verify the most recent Echo360 building block is installed. (Version 1.0.13 as of Sept 22, 2021) Check with

  2. Rebuild the embedded content item in Blackboard. Do this by deleting the broken content and then adding it back to Blackboard using the updated building block. An alternate solution is to update the HTML replacing the course_id value with the template variable 

In summary delete the content causing the error from Blackboard and then rebuild the content in Blackboard.