Download and Install Office 365 for Windows

Eligibility: All currently registered students and employees of the college are eligible for the full installation of Office 365.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Uninstall any version of office including trial programs you may have on your computer (Windows settings>apps>office <uninstall>

  2. Visit and sign in using your work or student email address

  3. After signing, located the Install Office icon on the top-right corner

  4. To install all the available suite that is associated with your account, Click Office 365 apps.

  5. When the download is completed, click the installation in the bottom left corner and click to install run the Installation File.

  6. Follow the instructions to install Microsoft application. Use your PCCC Email address to sign in.


Please be aware that PCCC is unable to provide installation or troubleshooting support for Office 365 on personally-owned devices. However, Microsoft provides support services (see ).

If you are no longer a registered student or active employee, the Office 365 suite may cease to function without logging in to a Microsoft account with a paid subscription to Office 365. 

PCCC Technical Support