Office 365 Full installation for Students and Full Time Staff

This article will assist you in downloading and Installing office 365 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Who is Eligible?

This instruction set only applies to PCCC Students and Full time Faculty or Staff,

Please follow these steps to download a copy of Office 365 to your personal device.

Before the Install

  • This process should take about one hour, however, the installation time is dependent on the features you choose to install and your internet connection speed
  • PCCC recommends a wired network.  If you are using a wireless network, make sure your connection is stable.
  • Plug your computer into a power supply before beginning the installation and prevent your computer from going to sleep.
  • If your computer falls asleep during the installation, the process will pick up where it left off once it is awake.
  • Please do not open any Microsoft Office applications until the installation is complete.

Step-by-step guide (Please choose your operating system)


Please be aware that PCCC nor the IT department will provide you with any support on installation or troubleshooting while using this package.  You are also required to uninstall the Office package installation after 30 days of not being an Active Employee or PCCC Student (registered for classes).  If you have any question please go to this page: